Innoflo provides heathcare business and technology solutions with winning results. Just see what some of our clients have to say:

Align-IT is truly a LEAN Sigma based tool. We use it to identify and remove wasteful activities and create efficient process flows critical for our clients to achieve sustainable improvements. We continue to use Innoflos professional services to help us achieve our clients goals in operations improvements, system optimization and implementations and consider Innoflo to be an integral part of our team.

Eileen D. Little
Director Process Optimization, Revenue Cycle

"We work with our customers helping to transform their operations when they move to our Soarian solutions or through process improvement efforts around their legacy systems. Innoflo's Align-IT is our tool of choice as we conduct these engagements. It has proven to be an invaluable tool in demonstrating workflow change."

Martin J. Carlin
Managing Director, Consulting Enterprise Services
SIEMENS Medical Solutions

"Innoflo, Inc. hit the mark on all fronts and brought the project in on time and on budget despite facing a number of unexpected setbacks along the way."

Greg Meyers, System Vice President

"Innoflo delivers success, consistently and methodically. I've relied on them at several healthcare systems. Their ability to execute is flawless, and Anne Habib's leadership and knowledge have proven invaluable to my organizations."

Avery Cloud, CIO EVP
New Hanover Health Network

"I highly recommend Innoflo, Inc. to any organization that wants to improve performance."

Mike Zegar, CIO
Newton Memorial Hospital, Newton, NJ

Welcome to Innoflo
Innoflo is a Process and Technology Consulting company that provides consulting services and software to implement systems, optimize technology and improve operations in the healthcare industry. Our process-focused services transform healthcare organizations by modeling and implementing "best possible" business processes integrated with technology for the purpose of creating the competitive edge critical to surviving in todays environment.

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With this foundation and structure, Innoflo moves clients through the key changes required in process, technology, and interoperability to attain meaningful use.

Align-IT, Innoflos flagship software product, is our platform for achieving sustainable change and continuous improvement. Managing critical business functions, in a targeted and cost-effective way, is fundamental to the success of any business. Aligning people, operations, and technology; implementing continuous improvement initiatives; adopting leading practices; and innovating new processes are all elements embodied in Align-IT. Using Align-IT as a platform, we help to shift from where you are to where you want and need to be.

Link-IT, Innoflos proprietary methodology, maximizes the effectiveness and accelerates the deployment of streamlined operations and systems. Together with Align-IT software, Link-IT methodology forms the basis for a common approach to minimize variation that disrupts the consistency needed for reliable outcomes. Designed with the strength of repeatability in mind, Link-IT is a tried and true way to achieve success with all of your projects.
Some of our clients
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